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Lonsdale Concrete Under Fence Plinth 200 x 50 x 2340 MEL

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Make your colorbond fence or good neighbour fence and post and rail fences last forever by using an Under Fence Plinth (UFP) from Gorilla Wall retaining walls Melbourne

Another name for these products are under fence sleeper.

The UFP goes just underneath the colorbond fencing to get rid of any gaps you might have, to retain dirt or garden beds or paths. They also help by keeping the fence rails and sheets out of the dirt and prevent rusting.

UFP's can give you that extra privacy as it raises the height of your colorbond fence by 200mm and even up to 400mm high 2x200mm plinths.

Concrete Under Fence Plinths Melbourne are far superior than timber products, as timber can bend and discolor and get eaten by white ants.

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  • 50 MPa Concrete Grade
  • 2 x N10 Reinforcement Bars
  • Will fit into a 50 x 50mm Fence Post
  • Lightweight and easy to handle on site
  • Provides a long lasting and solid foundation to build your fence upon