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Our steel beams and sleepers are the most reliable in Melbourne. Whether you need them for home or commercial use, we have the retaining wall supplies you can trust.

Long Lasting

We source high quality products to make sure our customers receive products that don’t only give peace-of-mind and look great, but are also designed to withstand the test of time with no warping or discolouration. Plus, it's white ant proof!

High Quality

Our steel beams and sleepers are the most reliable in the state. Whether you need them for home or commercial use, we have the retaining wall supplies you’ll be able to rely on.

Australian Made

Our Australian-manufactured concrete sleepers are built to measure 50 MPa. We use Australian Standard Hot Dipped Galvanised H Posts, C Channels and 90° Corners for our Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls.

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Concrete Sleepers in Sydney

Do you need premium Sydney based concrete sleepers? At Gorilla Wall, we specialise in helping people build their own retaining walls in Sydney and throughout NSW. With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Gorilla Wall prioritises strength, durability and longevity. While timber retaining walls can warp, rot and be eaten away by white ants and termites, we’re making concrete sleepers in Sydney more accessible than ever and selling products that last a lifetime.

If you’re thinking of building your own DIY retaining wall in Sydney but need a little extra help along the way, our team is here to help. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have, enabling you to build a high-quality wall just like the professionals do. Give us a call at 1300 925 533 to find out more.

We also supply concrete sleepers for commercial and civil projects up to 4 metres high in both Melbourne and Sydney and their surrounding areas. To find out more, reach out to our friendly team.

GorillaWall Retaining Walls in a tiered garden

Retaining Wall Sleepers in Sydney

Thanks to Gorilla Wall, you can buy high-quality sleeper retaining walls in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and all areas of NSW. The best part about concrete is that it lasts a lifetime, ensuring the long-term success of your project if it’s constructed correctly. Our products are on par with what the professionals use, whereas cheaper DIY Sydney-based concrete sleepers are simply not up for the job. We’ve engineered our products to be the best of the best and hold up in any condition.

When you see and touch our retaining wall sleepers in Sydney, you’ll immediately know that you’ve invested in something of quality. For larger projects, our sleepers can be used to build walls up to 4 metres high. Although we wouldn’t recommend taking on a project of this magnitude yourself, we can provide you with specifications to give to your engineer to help them complete your project for your Sydney home.

However, if you’re just looking to build a standard backyard job, you can get it done yourself with our DIY retaining wall sleepers in Sydney, delivered right to your door.

As a leading retaining wall supplier in Sydney, we deliver throughout the state and to Melbourne as well, and you’ll receive our Australian-made sleepers in no time.

To find out more, contact us today.

Under-Fence Plinths Sydney

As well as Sydney concrete sleepers, we also supply under-fence plinths. Most of the fencing in Sydney has timber or thin steel plinths which are susceptible to rotting or rusting. We provide world-class under-fence plinths made from concrete, which are 50MPA and come with two reo bars for unbeatable strength and a timeless appearance.

Closeup of GorillaWall Retaining Walls
Gorilla Wall Retaining Walls at a DIY worksite

Build a DIY Retaining Wall in Sydney

If there’s anything that you need help with or don’t understand, the Gorilla Wall team is here to help. Give us a call at 1300 925 533 or send us an email at sales@gorillawall.com.au and we can help with everything related to concrete sleepers in Sydney.