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Building a retaining wall with sleepers

13th Jul 2023

Do you want to save money on the cost of installing a retaining wall? By building a retaining wall with concrete sleepers, you can cut out the middle man and get the job done faster. 

The team at Gorilla Wall is here to guide you through building a concrete sleeper retaining wall.

Getting started on concrete sleeper retaining wall installation

Building a retaining wall with concrete sleepers is one of the easiest methods you can use. In fact, this system is a great option for DIY. Other systems you can use include timber sleepers, which are also very light and easy to install but are also prone to rotting, fading and white ant damage.

Cement blocks are another great option, but they are also limited as they are not very suitable for walls greater than 1m high. Cement blocks are also very hard to get nice and straight compared to concrete sleeper retaining walls.

Four steps to concrete sleeper retaining wall construction

Concrete sleeper retaining wall construction is simple, and if you are interested in giving it a go, we can provide expert advice over the phone.

The concrete sleepers that we use are 40 MPa strength concrete and have steel reinforcing bars ranging from n10 to n12. This makes for a strong sleeper that will stand the test of time.


STEP 1: Determine where you want the wall to go. If it’s a straight line, you have a very easy job

STEP 2: Run a string-line and then mark out your spaces depending on the sleeper length you bought, 2m or 2.4m. Allow for a 10mm gap for ease of installation. If you don't allow enough gap, they will struggle to go down into place.

STEP 3: Make a concrete pad height for the first sleeper to sit on when the concrete is still wet from installing your steel post. This way, when you lay down your first sleepers, it will make installing your sleepers in a straight line easier.

STEP 4: Stack the sleepers on top of each other until you reach the top, packing them with a timber wedge as you go to make sure they sit tight until you backfill.

Learn more about concrete sleeper retaining wall installation

Do you have more questions about building a retaining wall with sleepers? Please view our installation guide or call Gorilla Wall today