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Retaining wall materials and the average cost

13th Jul 2023

Are you looking to build an affordable retaining wall that still uses high-quality materials? Gorilla Wall is the place to go for premium retaining wall materials at competitive prices. We might not stock the cheapest products on the market, but our sleepers and beams are affordable without being flimsy or dangerous.

Don’t settle for the poor quality you get from some suppliers and don’t put up with over inflated prices. Gorilla Wall provides the best of both worlds with our retaining wall materials in Melbourne.

Our Retaining Wall Materials

The retaining wall materials we use are of a premium quality, unlike the systems you will buy from some hardware stores. At Gorilla Wall, we stock high-quality concrete sleepers and hot dip galvanised steel retaining wall posts.

Concrete sleepers

Our standard sleepers can build walls up to 1m high and are suitable for most projects. We can also source thicker, heavier duty cement sleepers that can build walls up to 4m high if needed. These will be a special order and can be sourced by contacting Gorilla Wall on  03 8751 7063.

Steel retaining wall posts

We only sell steel beams that are above the industry standard, ensuring all our galvanised retaining wall posts are of the highest quality. Some companies will sell flimsy steel posts while we sell 100UC posts for small walls.

The average cost to install a retaining wall

The average cost to install a retaining wall will vary depending on the materials used, the size of the wall and a range of other factors. For retaining wall material costs, please view our concrete sleepers for sale and steel beams for sale.

If you need an installer/contractor to complete the job, you will need to factor this into your retaining wall construction costs. If you use our products along with a qualified tradesman of your choice, the cost to build a retaining wall can range anywhere from $320 – $500 per square metre, incl. GST. About half of that will just be for supply.

If you’re looking to save on the cost to install a retaining wall, we offer a range of installation guides in our information section. This is one way to keep your retaining wall system cost down.

More information on cement retaining wall costs

To find out more about our products or prices, get in touch with our team. For all enquiries, email Gorilla Wall or give us a call today.