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Kensington HD Concrete Sleeper 200 x 100mm x 2.0m

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Gorilla Wall has concrete sleepers for retaining walls offering a variety of colours and styles allowing you to add perfection to your landscape design in Sydney or Newcastle or the Central Coast NSW.

Concrete sleepers are a strong durable product that will stand the test of time and are not susceptible to white ants, rotting, splitting and warping unlike timber products.

Gorilla Wall's sleepers are all engineered and certified to build retaining walls up to 4m high (see brochure for more information).

  • 50 MPa Concrete Grade (complies with AS3600 / 2009)
  • 2 x N10 Reinforcement Bars (ACRS Compliant)
  • Engineer designed and certified
  • Build a Retaining Wall up to 3m high with the 2m HD sleeper
  • Australian made by a local family business